02Dec20: day of rest…

Occasionally, Andy and I need to slow down a bit. Being retired and/or a cat is tiring business!

Facebook reminds me of my late kitty, and it is bittersweet to see Dougy doing what he loved to do in life.

22 thoughts on “02Dec20: day of rest…

    • Dougy would have enjoyed it, but Andy is shy about the outdoors. I do have a buggy designed for walking pets, but that was scary for Andy. Again, Dougy liked it. Unfortunately, I have disabilities that make walking difficult for me – I use a walker, and I would hesitate to have a cat on a leash in case of encounters with dogs or other cats that wanted to take Andy on. When I was in better shape, I used to walk with Louie the ginger cat. He slipped out of the harness, first thing, but was very easy to follow on foot letting him determine the route.

    • I asked for an autopsy, Michel, and they failed to do it. I have no idea why he died, and that makes his unexpected death all the sadder I think.

    • Yes, I agree reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, taking a walk, or just about anything is healthier these days!

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