01Dec20: “Show me a trick, Andy!”

“Hey Andy!  That’s pretty good skating, but do you think you can show me a better trick?”

I could tell by the set of his ears, the look of pure cattitudiness that Andy was about to knock my socks off!

My word! Jumping Jehoshaphat! That’s some trick, Andy…especially that little ear-flick-head-turn business toward the end. I thought you’d fall off the lapboard then! WOW!

Bada BOOM! (Andy’s encore is great, too!)

Wowsers, Andy. Yes, take a bow!





29 thoughts on “01Dec20: “Show me a trick, Andy!”

  1. I can say Andy and you, Doug , had an funny conversation.
    On the secon photo,it seems I see Andy’s tongue ? It would be the first time . Usually Andy rather looks like a sphynx! 🙂
    In friendship

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