25Dec20: Christmas Greetings



I had a call yesterday from Toni, an old friend from work. She wanted to stop by because her daughter had something she wanted to give me. I’d made my plan for the day (sit around watching television in a day old shirt and underwear….LOL!) but reluctantly agreed. I took out some trash and gave things a quick touchup since I wasn’t really ready for a visit and the place needed a bit of attention I typically give it on Sundays or Mondays. In days of COVID-19, I don’t have enough – any! – visitors so things tend to get a bit slack in the housekeeping department. Oh well. They arrived, Toni and I caught up a bit on how things have been, then Addison gave me what she wanted to give me: 

I was stunned and became emotional. Thanks again to Addison! Andy had to check it out, of course.

64 thoughts on “25Dec20: Christmas Greetings

  1. Sorry, we’re so dang late. We finally made it here. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do. A memory to make your steps a little lighter There is a lot of emotion in that picture. Now, to find a great place to hang it.


    • I haven’t much wall space left to hang it, but I am just about sure I’ve found a good place if I move other pictures around.

  2. Mr. Doug, that was such a kind gesture from her and what an amazing gift! I’m sure Andy will pick out just the purrfect spot where you can hang it on the wall where you can admire it each and every day.

  3. How beautiful dear Doug, I am so emotional, impressed me so much. I hope and wish a happy Christmas and New Year, much love to you both. Thank you, nia

  4. “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.” – Quote by Helen Steiner Rice

    May you have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

        • The factors that degrade life are still in place, unfortunately. For example, these days in America, it is a tragedy that three or so multibillionaires continue to reap huge increases in their fortunes while millions of people face hunger and eviction from their homes because they’ve lost their jobs because of COVID-19. It shocks me that this could happen here and seems unlikely to end soon.

    • So did I, frankly. It came out of the blue, I was kind of thinking they were bringing Christmas goodies over since I couldn’t think of another reason. When Dougy got out that time, it was Addison’s brother who found him, another connection I thought. Oh well! I was pleased with what did happen.

    • Yes, I was totally caught off guard by this present. I think I suspected they were coming over with Christmas candy and baked goods. (Maybe chili??? LOL!)

    • Yes, and it was totally unexpected, Leah, which made it even more appreciated. The young woman who drew it is going into a medical field and is very sweet. She is one of those people who likes to talk with people, making them comfortable. I predict she will be excellent with patients! She comes from a nice family, so I suppose it is not to be unexpected.

    • Thank you Herman. This has been a rough year for many of us cat people – you, Lavinia, and me come to mind – and this surp0rise gift helped me put some of that grief aside. They always stay with us in memories and things that bring happier times to mind. I am especially happy that I took lots of videos and posted them on You Tube when they were young and have this blog full of their photos for their whole time.

    • Short of living 17 years past my initial diagnosis for Wegener’s granulomatosis when on December 19th of 2003 my pulmonologist said the prognosis was I’d be dead within two years (!), this could be the best, yes!

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