11Feb21: more videos of the kitty boys…

Did the kitty boys get along? In their way!

Andy and Dougy had different play styles, too.

Yeah, your kitty will play with it for hours and hours and hours!



12 thoughts on “11Feb21: more videos of the kitty boys…

  1. I wish I could’ve been there to play with both Andy and Dougy. I know we would’ve had so much fun! Mom marvels at how full and floofy Andy’s tail is. Mine isn’t quite that big.

    • Absolutely! I periodically see some toy I think it really neat, then I tell myself Andy won’t play with it, he’ll think it’s scary and won’t play with it, or he’ll play in the box it came in.

    • The late Dougy was the one that usually played with the new toys, then Andy would slowly try it out. This particular toy amused Andy more than most…for one or two plays!

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