11Mar21: wrong end of the pole…

The mouse toy is on the same pole as a Birbug dragonfly toy. When one isn’t amusing to Andy, I wrap it up on the end and unfurl the other. So…Andy notices the dragonfly when we were playing with the mouse, and he hops over to play with it.

He decided he really wanted to play with the mouse after all. 



Sad day for my family. We just learned Marijean (far left in the photo) died on the 19th of November 2020. She would have turned 83 today, March 11th, her birthday. She was a quiet, pleasant, thoughtful person who had some hard times in her life. That makes me sad. She should have had the best of all possible lives for all she did for others.

The photo is one taken in front of the old family home. It’s only late in life one realizes how few group photos of the family exist. That’s me next to Marijean, with the neighbor’s pug (Ladybelle), my sister Kathy with my Grandmother McKenzie’s dog (Laddie), and our late brother Dick. Barely seen in front of Dick, Peanuts, my childhood dog.

Marijean was a great cook, a loving sister. She was creative, always drawing happy suns, flowers, and other things on the envelopes she used to mail letters to family and friends. Many times, she created greetings cards, too. It was a pleasure to get these bits of art from her in the mail!

Kathy and I will miss her very much. She was the oldest of our siblings.

49 thoughts on “11Mar21: wrong end of the pole…

  1. Your sister passed away in November and your just finding out about it now Doug? I’m sorry you lost her Doug but it sounds like you not only have many great memories but loved her very much and that’s what counts!

  2. Billie Jean is also a song about a girl with that name by Michael Jackson.
    I guessed that was you in the picture with the pug.
    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for peace for you and Kathy.

    • Thank you. A big part of the shock of learning she’d died was learning it 109 days after the fact. I know that ids one reason I still haven’t cried: I AM PISSED! I know grief will set in in time, and I will welcome it over this other emotion.

  3. Andy is acting like a typical guy….cant make up his mind which toy is best. Unlike us women that know exactly what we want….for 5 minutes anywho!! mol


    It is sad when family leaves as its a little more of the family that is chipped away. It’s true too….there are not many pictures of the whole family. Remember back then the pictures had to be developed and it took a few days. Right inconvenient

    My warm wishes to you my friend.


    • Thank you, Jean. Typically, the father took the photos, so rarely appears in family photos.

      Andy’s been kind of particular the past few days. It’s getting tedious since it means get out from under three heavy blankets – we are in the middle of a cold spell…. – and following the wee rascal till he stops in front of a clue: catnip? toy? kitty treats? kitty wet food? And so on.

    • Thank you, Leah. Marijean and I had a special bond because she was 10 years older than me and babysat me more times than she probably wanted to when I was a really little guy.

  4. We are saddened by your loss, Doug. Hugs to you from all of us here, Doug. Marijean will join the memory garden along with all the others dear to you.

    Old photos are beautiful things, a way to travel back in time and be with those whom we love, then, now and always.

    • Thank you, Lavinia. Marijean would have felt really pleased with her inclusion in a garden. I appreciate it, too.

      I have several old photos framed and on my wall. I like looking at them.

      • Thank you Michel. I enjoy seeing that your family maintains close contact. It reminds me of how mine was when we were all here and it warms my heart to read about how your “kids” help you and Janine with the garden and get together for family meals from time to time.

    • Thank you, Peggy. That particular photo includes family and neighbor dogs. Pets are such a big part of growing up, and a big part of the funny (and sad) stories were share till time starts to take family members. Marijean had a cockatiel she named “Billy” that she really enjoyed for its antics. Billy surprised her at one point by laying eggs under a couch: “he” turned out to be a “she”! In our family, the only other person who had a bird for a pet was our Grandma McKenzie, who had a succession of budgies. Back to Billy. Once it turned out Billy was female, Marijean kept the name since (happily!) Billie can be a name for females as well.

  5. Oh Doug, how sad. I think as we get older, we (sometimes) learn to appreciate our siblings more, especially since we have a shared past. I hope your sister was able to recall all the good things about your childhoods before she passed.

    The dogs in that picture are a delight.

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