12Mar21: mayhem…

Window blinds are pointless in a cat household. No wonder so many landlords restrict pets allowed and charge a pet surcharge on the initial rent! (Andy had help from the late Dougy on this one.) Of course, this is the best way to see birdies and this window has a rosebush outside it that attracts lots of tweetie birds! With a little thought, leaving a cat friendly opening in the blinds should reduce the chances of damage. I’ll try it with the replacement blind!

Andy is displeased to be called out for cat damage! “I’m the nice kitty boy!” he protests. And he is.

21 thoughts on “12Mar21: mayhem…

  1. You are a good boy, Andy! Blinds are just too tempting for kitties – it’s not your fault!
    There are no blinds in my house, but drapes had to come down and curtains suffer when Beba practices her climbing skills – oh well, as long as kitties are happhy!

    • LOL! The best reason to die in this apartment is I won’t have to square things with my landlord. Kitties are very hard on furniture and other things. Someone else will have work out the damage.

  2. We hear ya….blinds are difficult at least horizontal. We have horror blinds in the bedroom….we also have long drapes in the bedroom. You’re saying…”You don’t need both, for heaven’s sake woman.” Well, ya we do. It’s cold up here and mere blinds don’t cut it but help keep the cold from coming in too far and the drapes cut down the cold immensely. Anyway, I’m off the subject. At the living room window and the sliding glass door are vertical blinds….the girls can just slip between the slats and see out. Something to think about when replacing the blinds.


  3. Andy is a good boy, in spite of the damage to the blinds. Cats and horizontal blinds definitely do not mix, and we have evidence of that here too. Someday when I get around to replacing them, it will be curtains and some sort of horizontal blind with no connections at the bottom.

    • I’d never heard what that kind of blind was called. Yes, that would defeat a cat, but it also would be a problem with the type window I have, a Pella window that cranks out from the center and would be openable with that type blind.

  4. My blinds are open during daylight hours and if not a rolled up newspaper on the window ledge is a good deterrent 😾 (oh no the evil newspaper in the plastic bag ❗️ ) 75 chuckies ($) for 3 cordless replacements last year which ain’t bad considering we’ve lived heat fifteen yrs and those antiques were here when I moved in ❗️ Whoopee John Willfart’s polka music playing soothes the the savage beasts too 😸
    👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn5okHpq8gA 🙂

    • Polka – a secret pleasure of mine! LOL! There used to be a polka program on the local radio that came on around the time the farmers would’ve been home for lunch. Lots of Volga Deutsch and Czech immigrant families in this region! Also, I love, love, love Norteno music which features a polka beat and accordian. My CD collection, though is mostly Baroque and New Romantic (classical).

    • Yes, those blinds are in my ground level bathroom, so I suppose the neighbors enjoy an occasional show if they want to window peep.

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