Post 2156: too hot!

It’s so miserable the kitty boys don’t have the energy to squabble! Hiding in cool places and drinking water are the main activities for man and beast.

12 thoughts on “Post 2156: too hot!

    • No kidding! I’ve noticed the spots they do use are cool to the touch, so they do a good job of finding heat relief.

      Also, I freeze water to make ice to put in their water. Dougy will drink the melt off, but Andy likesto lick the ice. If I break it up small enough, Andy will eat it, too, but that is rarely his preference.

  1. You’ll not be surprised to hear that Louis Catorze wasn’t warm enough on that dreaded 38-degree day, so he went outside to sunbathe and drank virtually zero drops of water.

  2. Crap! Everyone seems too hot except us. We still have cool and overcast. Next week the low will be 1C. Golly, how much cool can we take for a summer we look forward to for 8 months of the year.


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