Post 950: Andy’s vigil…

Andy has a curious behavior. He doesn’t want to be picked up necessarily (or at all) but he wants me to know he’s there. He’ll quietly sit next at my foot or pat me on the arm. 

If I try to pet him, though, he moves away or stands far enough away I can’t pick him up. He is not a trusting little fellow!

There he is. Andy on vigil.

There he is. Andy on vigil.

Shortly after I wrote this, Andy came too close, and I snatched him up.

“You know I don’t love lovin’!” he protested, but I proceeded to give him lots of it. He survived, but he was not happy with me!

15 thoughts on “Post 950: Andy’s vigil…

    • So very true! He would be happier if I never bothered him, but I’m working on turning him into a lap kitty for when he is a old cat needing love and companionship. He’s not yet five years old (the boys turn five years on next July 1st….), so he’s still a young cat, unaware that there is great comfort in letting your human hold and cuddle you!

  1. Very good not accidentally training him that picked up = medicine time. I am sure he and his brother will come around. Some cats are a bit stand offish I’ve noticed more than dogs. They sure are beauties; with coats like theirs I can see why you want to snuggle! Woof!

    • They are sooooo soft, too! Unfortunately, Andy sometimes figures out he’s about to get his medicine, and he goes into stealth mode. Nothing like a cat hiding to be really hid!

  2. Are the tips of his wee paws really a darker colour, as in the photo? They look irresistible. If only our cats realised how much loving we’d give them, if they let us cuddle them! (Or, is it us wanting the loving??)

    • Yes, Yvonne, and that is the genetic legacy he and Dougy get from their Birman father. They look all black most times, but, in some light and in flash photos, that Birman characteristic shows up as darker face, feet, and tail.

    • When he wasn’t paying attention this morning, I snatched him up and gave him lovin’ again! I think Andy’s starting to like it. I hope so. He’s actually a sweet little guy, and so soft and fuzzy!

    • Actually, as noted elsewhere, I did it again this morning. He is a real cuddle bunny once you get him off the floor. I’ve noticed he is letting me hold him longer now, and he seems to like having his tummy tickled. He’s very soft and pleasant to hold, as is his brother Dougy, another kitty that doesn’t think he likes to be held!

      I want Andy to associate being held with pleasant things, so try to hold him during the day so he realizes he won’t get icky medicine every time I hold him. Even then,m I give him a kitty treat for being a “good boy” after I give him medicine. He still hates his medicine, but always waits patiently by the spot where I put the treats after I let him down. He knows good things will follow!

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