23 thoughts on “03Jun21: Mousie-Kill-Kill-Kill…

    • It is his oldest single toy. The kittens’ first toy was a tiny mouse that came in a catnip package. They used to chase each other to be the kitty with the mouse, and they were so cute prancing around with the mouse in their mouths! LOL! Unfortunately, that mouse got lost at the veterinarian clinic, where I’d brought it in to comfort Andy when he had a stay there. (That is to say, someone just tossed it, unaware how much it meant to the kittens.)

        • I wouldn’t dare let him be an outside cat becvause there are too many really good hunting spots within a short distance. The fir tree just outside the back door has had many kitty hunters use it in the time I’ve lived here, including the famous tuxedo kitty boy, Tace.

          • I don’t, think indoor cats could function outdoors very well. We had an abandoned outdoor kitty in the back alley for a while. He was crying so pitifully and refusing to eat even though we have all tried to put out bowls with different foods. He hadn’t even attempted to hunt or scavenge and started losing weight, until one of the neighbors took him in, and now he is thriving. People who abandon indoors pets ought to be severely punished!

          • I totally agree. The one time Dougy slipped outside (in a cold spell after a heavy snowstorm, of course…), he ultim ately was found shivering cold hiding behind a snowdrift maybe a 100 feet from my front door. Andy wisely won’t even step outside when the door is wide open. Dougy the Explorer, of course, would, and I had to bring him back in after he had a little snoop. I never let him wander father than I could go to catch him.

          • Oh the poor little kitty boy! The late Shabbos got under the building when we were remodeling and some floorboards were taken off and then she didn’t know how to get back in. I almost had a heart attack! We had one of the guys climb down and start banging metal pipes. the noise scared her enough to run to the opening where I grabbed her and pulled her up.

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