20 thoughts on “11June 21: the screensaver…

    • I forgot about those! Yeah! I suspect you are right about that, though most are too young to remember that glorious time. LOL!

    • I try to put something on my post for that purpose. I had comments in past from people dealing with serious personal and medical issues who told me they liked stopping by my post for the gentle humor. I hadn’t thought about that, just did it, and learning it help lighten someone’;s load made me feel good.

  1. Cats are masters at the unimpressed look. Do you know how many times I’ve played dead and they’re like, “Lu, we know you’re faking, get back up bish.”

    I long the day I earn their intrigue.

    Andy here probably is just wondering why your “window” is weird and why it keeps changing…

    • LOL! That is a fact for sure! Andy has the look built into his genes. All he has to add to it is a little sideways glance to complete it.

    • That he is! He will walk on it if it is the shortest distance from the recliner to the end table. I have to stop him when he looks like that’s his plan!

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