Post 837: an unwelcome observer…

Dougy has one thing to say to SpongeBob…:

“Stop mocking me…!”

==== 😦 ====

There is some confusion about this photo above. Dougy’s ears are circled in red and claw tips that look like little eyes are circled in yellow. Look closely and you can see it’s his front legs hanging over the edge in the photo, left paw over his right paw, which is the one that shows a little reflection of light off his claw tips.


Sorry for the confusion.


22 thoughts on “Post 837: an unwelcome observer…

    • My mistake – it’s Dougy, not Andy, but I corrected the text since you and Michel wrote your comments. Anyway I doubt SpongeBob would be intimidated by either Andy or Dougy. All he’d have to do is squirt a drop of water toward them, and they’d run to North Dakota!

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      • Ha! a! Yeah! That would have stopped Dougy in his tracks! Andy is curious about running water, but doesn’t get close enough to have contact with it if he can help it. Dougy just avoids any water that isn’t there for drinking. Both shakes their paws if they think they got even a drop on them. It’s very entertaining! (Andy does the water dance after I give him his medicine. I guess he hasn’t evolved enough to come up with a better dance!)

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    • Thanks! (It’s Dougy in the photo, though.I corrected my text. I missed this error when I posted this yesterday)

      I think you may be looking at the photo and seeing faux eyes that actually are his claws poking through the thick fur on his hand feet. He is pointed away from the camera, so his ears are at the top if you look closely.


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