Post 1228: Caturday means quietude…at last!

If there’s anything I like about Caturday, it is the peace and quiet it brings! So much going on during the week, for sure, but not so much on Caturday. Even Dougy and Andy sense the need to cool it.


Andy finds peace and quiet on the recliner arm…120316-use-me-in-repose-andy


Dougy’s being a good boy for a change. He’s just looking. Yup! Just looking!120316-dougy-exclamation-point

Andy decides to let him be. It’s Caturday, eh?!img_20161130_093842

14 thoughts on “Post 1228: Caturday means quietude…at last!

  1. Did you also have a hectic weeK? I woke up today thinking it was Friday. I busied my way through an extra day withour realizing. The boys were thoughtful to give you a restful day.

    • I woke up thinking it was Monday, not Sunday, I suppose because I actually got a good night’s sleep and woke up later than usual. Yeah, I appreciated the quietude yesterday! Yes, my week was a bit hectic, though the week before was more so.

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