Post 1340: And the winner of the Andy and Dougy mugs is…

…Ellen P. of 15andmeowing ! Ellen got 14 of 16 Andy’s right!

Enjoy Andy and Dougy’s mugs on your mugs, Ellen!

 I don’t know how to characterize Ellen’s blog other than to say it is cat-terrific! She reviews kitty products; shares her list of follows on a special page so you can easily find other cat-centric blogs (as if we ever can find too many, eh?); and is very involved in promoting charities that benefit our fur buddies.

Congratulations, Ellen! As soon as you tell me where to mail them, I’ll send you the Andy and Dougy mugs, first (and only) prize in my first ever  (and probably only) blog contest!


The correct answers now can be found on the contest page. It goes without saying (so I do!), the contest is officially over.

37 thoughts on “Post 1340: And the winner of the Andy and Dougy mugs is…

  1. I went to the contest page to look at the correct answers, and I STILL can’t tell them apart! I guess you do like mothers can tell their identical twins apart. 🙂

  2. Concats to Ellen. A fantastic lady and valued member of Blogville. She deserves the mugs. I think I got 6 right out of sixteen…if that but it was fun trying to get them right.

    You’re 69! You don’t look it. It must be the beard. Now If I could only grow a beard…hehe Happy birthday my friend. Have a great day.


    • Thanks, Jean! I feel like I’m early 30s from the knees up, and well over 69 from the knees down! Fortunately, the part that helps me sort things out and to maintain a positive attitude is in the “above the knees” part!

      I agree with you about Ellen. She did an amazing job of identifying them because I threw in some traps, big meany that I am – photos where the eyes weren’t true colors or one where Andy was in the box and Dougy was outside it, the opposite of the usual situation.

    • It was a major coup for Ellen! The next best guesser was someone who actually helped care for the kitty boys last year during my hospitalization and rehabilitation. She thought she shouldn’t enter, but I thought she’d be surprised how poorly she did. Turned out she got 13 of 16 Andy’s. God thing there was only the one prize!

  3. Good thing I didn’t enter – I would have been tied with Ellen. I thought I could tell by the eyes, but I was wrong on two of the pics!! Oh well, maybe next time…..

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