07Oct21: Sam is a tuxedo kitty…

Andy’s waiting by the door. A tuxedo kitty comes around to see him each night.

Andy gets on the little red chair and stares at the tuxedo kitty; the tuxedo kitty stares back. This goes on for a long time, and neither kitty makes a sound or moves.

But, until the little tuxedo kitty comes around, Andy just waits by the door.

[The tuxedo kitty is a dead ringer for the late Taco. Is it one of his progeny? Does someone own this tuxedo kitty? Or is it a feral kitty like Taco was? I haven’t been able to determine if it’s a kitty boy or a kitty girl, so I just call it “Sam”, as in “Samuel”…or “Samantha”!] 

For those subscribers who missed out on the video, Taco the tuxedo kitty boy was a neighborhood regular for his lifetime, and he was one tough, little kitty. See the reaction of Andy and the late Dougy to this new “toughie”!

18 thoughts on “07Oct21: Sam is a tuxedo kitty…

    • It’s hard to say. I hope Sam is a beloved pet of someone else. If not, Andy willing, I’d love to have such a pretty tuxedo kitty.

    • Me, too. There is person down the lane who has helped ferals with food, water, shelter, even medical care, and that is especially important in the cold Nebraska winters.

    • Thanks! Kitties seem to work well with Jazz music, though Baroque, Rococo, and Early Classical have a place. I think that is my first or second most favorite video featuring both kitties.

    • Me, too. Sam is a handsome little guy/girl. It concerns me that he/she looks so much like Taco because that suggests a relationship, specifically, that he/she is a feral kitty.

  1. Aw….I miss having a tuxie. We’re adopting a 3rd. I’ve been fostering 3 cats from the shelter I used to volunteer at. We haven’t reopened yet. The one I’m adopting is Alvin, he’s B&W, not a tuxie or cow print. Our first B&B cat that’s not a tuxie. How are you and Andy Hope you two are doing good. NYC is slowly opening up, not quite there yet. The more it opens up the less nuts I feel when we get a bit more back to normalish. There’s modified adjustments for covid.

    • Pretty much the same here, though I continue to take extra precautions when I go out. This is the center of “my liberty is threatened by masks and vaccines” nonsense, making my safety at risk.

      Yeah, tuxedos are such pretty kitties! My Seattle Sister had two over time, both long haired tuxedos.

    • I haven’t seen the person in the complex who keeps on top of those questions, and I hope to learn that Sam is an indoor/outdoor cat, not just a feral.

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