Post 2224: waiting…


Dougy seems aware that  major snow storm is coming.

Of course, there is just so much a kitty boy can do till it comes! A nap works.



25 thoughts on “Post 2224: waiting…

    • Fortunately, the worst of it missed us! We go freezing rain, though, and that’s tedious cleaning off car windows and driving on….

  1. Snow on the way where you are already! Our weatehr has gone clear and cold again, at least in the mornings. It was 28 here just before sunrise, although the forecast is for mid 60s later today. I picked out the rest of the garden last night.

    • Very little snow came with this storm. Apparently it hit higher north of here, like the Northern Panhandle and Western South Dakota.

    • Amazingly, it can make the difference! I’m a big advocate of them, and we would be inj a happier place if we slipped a siesta into our schedules!

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