08Mar22: relief…

The Baroque music on the television seemed to attract Andy in a positive way.

Then he ran over to the television and…swatted at the violin players’ bows! A cat is what a cat is. Then he plopped down in front of the screen. Sorry Andy. No closed captions to block today!


Here’s one by Antonio Soler that I especially enjoyed. Fandango L’Arpeggiata.

19 thoughts on “08Mar22: relief…

  1. Cats love classical music, I noticed this with my own cats too. Should be a special music tone for them… Loved so much all these photographs, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Must be more a fan of the woodwinds. 🙂

    For some irritating reason, my response shows up out of place. Doug

    My response is: Maybe he heard about cat gut strings…

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