02Apr22: eye goop…

Persian kitties are cursed with above average eye goop issues. I almost didn’t use this photo a few days ago after I noticed Andy hadn’t cleaned the eye goop off his eyes yet, part of his wake-up ritual.

Good kitty! Andy’s making himself presentable!

10 thoughts on “02Apr22: eye goop…

  1. I love their cleaning ritual, before sleeping, after eating, even after me If I touch them… So lovely, Thank you, Love and Hugs to you both, nia

    • Yes, I try not to be offended when Andy cleans after I touch him because after I take a shower, he tries to rub his scent back on me. LOL! I let him rub on my hand and legs.

  2. I try to clean my Miss persian eyes every day. I hide th kleenex, capture the Miss Persian, and I hope to be stronger than her ( 2kgs – 40 kgs – she often wins )- amitiés for both of you 🙂

    • Yes, Andy has been a kitty under medication a couple times and he escapes from me the moment FI make any move that he perceives is to catch him. I usually have to catch him by stealth because my disabilities make any “easy catch” hard for me.

    • I don’t know where my response went. Anyway, I have disabilities now that I didn’t have when I brought Andy and Dougy home as kittens. That makes me less able to catch him easily.

    • No, though I’d prefer he did. By the end of the day, he will have taken care of it, usually after I’ve taken photos. LOL!

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