Post 2017: do-nothing Sunday…

Some days the kitty boys just don’t feel like being cute.

“But your fans expect something cute, Dougy!”

I guess Dougy means it, folks! He’s on strike and Andy’s hiding.

17 thoughts on “Post 2017: do-nothing Sunday…

    • Believe it or not, there are days the kitty boys have better things to do than be minor international kitty celebrities! I don’t know what they’d do if they had thousands of followers. “Let us be kitties!” lol!

    • I suppose so. Of course, it comes with some small benefits. (Well, actually none. They are treated likke ordinry house pets!)

    • LOL! Yes, cat moods and looks are cute mostly!. Having not had any cats till after I retired, I had some strange expectations about what cats are like. Surprise! And cute, too!

    • Today’s (March 11th) post is a good example. I got Doiugy’s look simply by pointing a finger at him. It’s priceless!

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