05May22: my little helper…

The drawstring came out of these pants when I washed them.

Andy, of course, was interested in “helping” me.

I eventually discouraged Andy! Gad!

It took effort, but centimeter by centimeter, I eventually pushed the drawstring through.

Andy noticed the drawstring before I noticed Andy. He was ready to “help” me again.


After all the time and effort it took to get that drawstring back in my pants, there was no way I was going to let Andy get near it. Sorry, Andy. Go ahead and pout.

29 thoughts on “05May22: my little helper…

  1. Clip a safety pin to the end of the drawstring – that gives you something solid to get a grip on as you sumble around to push it through. Gotta have it in your pants but in a hoody forget it !

    • Good suggestion! Now, where did I put those safety pins? I’m looking now for the next time. And there always seems to be a next time, no matter how tight I tie the knot. Thanks! Mary!

  2. Our boy Fozzie focusses on my earbuds, I have to carefully block his line-of-sight, knowing his quick reaction time. So far, he has not broken a connection to either ear. But I do not know how long my luck can hold out.

    • That’s a fact! I managed to move it the length of the aglet, then stretched the waistband while holding onto the aglet through the cloth. I didn’t check how long that took me, but it was a long process~!

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