15Oct22: sneaking by…

Andy sneaked by just now. He usually stops by to let me know he wants his nose “skritched” or a pat on the head. Is this related to his new medication regimen? I hope not!


10 thoughts on “15Oct22: sneaking by…

    • I can’t decide if he does or not. Some eye drops sting a little when first put in. I don’t know if these do. On the other hand, if them reduce the effects of glaucoma – and they have – his eyes don’t feel scratchy and don’t produce as much “eye snot”, which seems to be the case. Then, he surely is happy to get the drops. The one I put in his ears is easier to administer, though having such hairy ears, it is a bit hard. One good thing is that he’s reasonably still once I catch him and he is relatively easy to catch.

  1. Anything in the ears takes a while for them to get used to. I have had to nurse a cat through a period of inappetance at times with Mirataz on the inside of the ear. They are not fond of it, and with Mirataz, the ear receiving the med is alternated to avoid daily irritation. I don’t know if the Methimazole has the same problem.

    • I put so little in each eye I can’t imagine much gets down into his nose, but I suppose the connection between the eye and nasal sinuses allows some to get there.

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