14Oct22: Andy’s new medication…

It isn’t easy being Andy.

This has to be smeared inside the flap of his ears twice a day…for life. Alternating ears, for some reason, is necessary. The applicator is ingenuous, and you turn a knob on the end of the tube to extrude a single dose. The medication is absorbed through the skin, so it is imperative it does not get it on one’s skin if you aren’t Andy!

The condition is hyperthyroidism. Andy will have a follow-up visit in three weeks to measure how well the medication is controlling the problem, one that apparently isn’t that uncommon in older cats.


Happily, Andy has been very good while I apply the medications. 






29 thoughts on “14Oct22: Andy’s new medication…

  1. It is a common condition as cats age. I am hypothyroid myself so technically should not touch any of it – but I was given pills to give Snarky every day. She managed to take them and lived to be 19 + so it was worth the effort, and so will it be with Andy !

    • Thank you for that encouragement! I am happy I’m able to medicate him with a gel that comes in an applicator that dispenses each dose as needed. Pills are tedious when it comes to kitties!

    • He seems to be getting to understand the eye drops and gel for the hyperthyroidism make him feel better, which means he is less resistant to their administrtion.

  2. When I saw the tube of Methimazole, I knew what it was for for. Lucio was on that in pill form, since there were other cats about that would groom him and lick his ears. Wishing you and little Andy smooth sailing.

  3. We haven’t had to do this but I always thought it was a promising new treatment. Although a nuisance in itself it beats trying to pill a cat twice a day. Many years ago we had to have a hyperthyroid cat treated for a week at a veterinary college, had to travel to get her there and back. All best wishes for success in managing Andy’s hyperthyroid.

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