06Nov22: kittens at play

This is one of those days I just am not up to putting two and two together, let alone finding Andy in a new situation. Here is a substitute for something new: Andy and his late brother Dougy at about two-and-a-half months old, playing. This was in 2011. It makes me a bit misty seeing Dougy, but… time passes, things happen, there are sad times, but, as this video of kittens reminds me, there were fun times, joy at watching these two new responsibilities in my life just be what kittens are, bundles of play!

Kitten Wars IV Is the kitty brothers at a few weeks older, playing on a settee that Dougy eventually scratched to death. Dougy is in front and Andy is the kitten that leaves last, but not till I get his tummy. Aren’t they adorable?! Gad! No wonder I agreed to take both kittens, a task I never took before.

16 thoughts on “06Nov22: kittens at play

    • Thanks! I got Dougy because the two kittens played well together. They have/had a brother and sister that went together to South Dakota. Report is, those two squabbled and were a poor match.

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