14Nov22: Andy is stealthy…

Andy displays his stalking skills in taking over this box.

The late Dougy makes a cameo appearance here, watching his brother, Andy, play with a new toy.


Andy just about won yesterday’s battle to medicate the cat. When he saw me pick up the walking stick, he ran into the guest bedroom, where he totally lost me. I had my usual temper tantrum about that, and sat down on the sofa to contemplate where, if not the usual place, could Andy be hiding. He had to be in the room. Where?

Then I had a moment of clarity: in the dark space by the closet! Yes, hiding in dark, a black cat is invisible. And easily trapped! Poor Andy!

I picked him up and took him over to the sofa, where I pet him to calm him down and to get him to put his claws away. (I have lots of wounds from this medicating process….) Then I gave him his eye drops.

Whew! Done for the next 12 hours. Next, both medications have to be administered.