13Nov22: Tsk! Tsk!

Why’s Andrew hanging his head in shame?

Could it be because he managed to hide from me all day, thereby avoiding medication two times?



When I couldn’t find him in the guest bedroom, I searched the apartment, then found him in my bedroom. “Someone”, it seems, forgot to close his bedroom door, a strategic error Andy made use of! As soon as I approached him, he ran under the bed, the one spot in the apartment that is foolproof for avoiding capture. 

I tried to coax Andy out throughout the day, but he won the fight to avoid me.

Round Two: more of the same. After I had a little tantrum, I said to hell with it. If Andy wanted to go blind and whatever would happen if he missed his hyperthyroidism medication, so be it. I didn’t give a damn! I took a nap. (I clearly needed one!)

When I woke up four hours later, my mood was improved, I no longer was upset with my little darling, and it was time to feed him. First, because I was on my bed and he had moved over to be next to the door, I scooted him out of my bedroom, using my foot to gently guide him out. After a game of “mousies in the kitchen cabinets”, I fed him a plate of kitty food.

My bedroom door is closed now. I hope Andy doesn’t remember there are other tough places to hide in the living room and the dining area because I am not in the mood to have another day like today!