15Nov22: Deborah brings Tashi home!

Tashi Norbu the Bombay kitten!

My friend Deborah just picked up her new kitten in Nova Scotia! Tashi was born 4 August. 

Deborah writes: Tashi is very social and sweet.  He’s pretty vocal too, which makes it easy to locate him.  We’re headed to Saint Stephen this morning — about six hours drive.

Deborah still has a long drive home of 533 miles/ 858 kilometers, yet it will be a joyful trip since her new kitten will give her kitties Louis and André a new companion.


Andy continues to hide in the same easy-to-catch spot just in the door of the guest bedroom.  I hope he never changes this spot, though he probably will in time. It’s nice to be get the medication done in short order! Poor kitty.