07Nov22: the look tells me…

Andy’s look tells me “Feed the kitty!”

I accidentally posted this before I had anything completed, so I’m posting tomorrow’s post early to spare more confusion.


I had barely half a cup’s worth of ground coffee beans this morning. I plugged in my coffee mill and…nothing!

I sometimes get the bin in not just right and the mill won’t work. I tried taking it out and putting it back in: NOTHING! Yeah, that first cup in the morning is pretty much what gets me going in the morning, and the coffee mill is very important since I start with roasted beans.

Sometimes I roast green beans (when I’m ambitious and have the green beans) but mostly I buy roasted coffee beans and grind them at home. So, having nothing to complete the cup of coffee but roasted beans, I looked for an old mill I now remember tossing because it was less efficient and ground fewer beans at a time. FOOL!

Similarly, when I concluded the Mr. Coffee was not going to work, I at least had the French press on hand, and that’s what I use to make coffee now. It’s reliable, simple, and really makes the best coffee, that strong stuff I like!

Back to the Cuisinart coffee bean mill. After fussing with all the old tricks to make it work, I moved the “cups to grind” bar back and forth and pressed the grind bar. Magically, it filled the bin. I now had enough ground coffee to make my cup. 

Andy thought he was in a fix waiting to be fed! Poor darling made sure we played “mousie in the cabinets” and he got major skritching all the time I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the coffee mill. He walked back and forth, purring because I was “skritching” his chest, ears, and head, purring because I was opening all the cabinet doors, one by one so he could examine each one for “mousies”, purring because he knew at the end of this routine there was either ‘nip or Greenies treats! Cats!

06Nov22: kittens at play

This is one of those days I just am not up to putting two and two together, let alone finding Andy in a new situation. Here is a substitute for something new: Andy and his late brother Dougy at about two-and-a-half months old, playing. This was in 2011. It makes me a bit misty seeing Dougy, but… time passes, things happen, there are sad times, but, as this video of kittens reminds me, there were fun times, joy at watching these two new responsibilities in my life just be what kittens are, bundles of play!

Kitten Wars IV Is the kitty brothers at a few weeks older, playing on a settee that Dougy eventually scratched to death. Dougy is in front and Andy is the kitten that leaves last, but not till I get his tummy. Aren’t they adorable?! Gad! No wonder I agreed to take both kittens, a task I never took before.