07Nov22: the look tells me…

Andy’s look tells me “Feed the kitty!”

I accidentally posted this before I had anything completed, so I’m posting tomorrow’s post early to spare more confusion.


I had barely half a cup’s worth of ground coffee beans this morning. I plugged in my coffee mill and…nothing!

I sometimes get the bin in not just right and the mill won’t work. I tried taking it out and putting it back in: NOTHING! Yeah, that first cup in the morning is pretty much what gets me going in the morning, and the coffee mill is very important since I start with roasted beans.

Sometimes I roast green beans (when I’m ambitious and have the green beans) but mostly I buy roasted coffee beans and grind them at home. So, having nothing to complete the cup of coffee but roasted beans, I looked for an old mill I now remember tossing because it was less efficient and ground fewer beans at a time. FOOL!

Similarly, when I concluded the Mr. Coffee was not going to work, I at least had the French press on hand, and that’s what I use to make coffee now. It’s reliable, simple, and really makes the best coffee, that strong stuff I like!

Back to the Cuisinart coffee bean mill. After fussing with all the old tricks to make it work, I moved the “cups to grind” bar back and forth and pressed the grind bar. Magically, it filled the bin. I now had enough ground coffee to make my cup. 

Andy thought he was in a fix waiting to be fed! Poor darling made sure we played “mousie in the cabinets” and he got major skritching all the time I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the coffee mill. He walked back and forth, purring because I was “skritching” his chest, ears, and head, purring because I was opening all the cabinet doors, one by one so he could examine each one for “mousies”, purring because he knew at the end of this routine there was either ‘nip or Greenies treats! Cats!

32 thoughts on “07Nov22: the look tells me…

  1. I was laughing at reading your post, Doug . A not cooperating cof” mill . I imagined you searching in your cabinets old mills that we runned by hand !
    I remember my parents one on the kitchen shelve.
    During the war no bread to eat , we made floor wthl coffee mill !

    • I had one of those old-fashioned coffee mills years ago. I worked fine and was fast, too. Then something happened to it. I have no recollection of what happened to it but think it must have been left at the house when we moved to an apartment in 2004.it would have ended up in the estate sale if that’s what happened.

      I’ve had several small one cup coffee mills, both manual and electric. The one I have now is electric and grinds several cups worth of coffee at a time, with a little bar on the machine you can adjust to grind one or 12 cups worth. (I think it is – haven’t paid attention to it since I set it years ago!) It also can be set to grind really fine or really coarse, depending on the type of coffee maker you are using.

      • Coffee not my favourite drink, but tea! Any time in my day there is a cup of tea in my hand… But I really love cappuccino… never refuse it… By the way, I like old kitchen equipments, but in time they all gone… Thank you dear Doug, Love, nia

        • Yes, cappuccino is really good! I generally like my coffee black, but cappuccino is an exception to the rule. Tea is a drink I enjoy, too. It is more relaxing for one reason, and a nice Darjeeling tea is my favorite.

  2. I didn’t know you were a fellow coffee enthusiast, Doug. I also start my day accompanied by the whizzing of a coffee mill. This is a signal for the kitty gang to appear on the kitchen counter and get their morning treats.
    Mr Andy expectant look is adorable.

    • Yeah, I guess the machine was binding until I moved the cups to grind bar back and forth. It’s been a very reliable machine up till that moment.

  3. I can see one photo of Andy. I am not sure you posted any other photos?

    Glad you got the coffee mill working! Sounds like Andy got what he needed as well as you. I love coffee, but it is too strong for me now. I enjoy a good cup of tea these days when I really need to get moving, but try to keep the caffeine down as much as possible.

    • It was the only one I posted. I’m having a bit of a low energy time, something that periodically hits me. It’s pretty much all I can do to even post something every day. I keep thinking it might be better to try posting less frequently.

        • That’s a factor. Having o medicate Andy twice a day, twelve hours apart, screws up my sleep into two segments. The afternoon medication sometimes gets missed because I had dialysis that day and fell asleep before time to run down Andy. The night medication time sometimes gets missed because I didn’t have dialysis that day, and, yes, I slept through it again! if I have to take antibiotics in future, those times will really be a disturbance since I know they come at times askew from when I do Andy’s and my regular meds. Speaking of Andy’s evening medication, it’s getting to be that time, so I better get ready!

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