22Nov22: some string, a cat – a classic!

The string…

…the cat.

Andy moved in closer.

Preparing to pounce!

Moments before the pounce!

Yes, Andy had a good time with the string. It’s always a winner to bring out some string when it involves Andy!


An American president died from an assassin’s bullet on this day in 1963. If you were alive and of an age to be aware of the bigger world then, this day always brings back memories of where you were, how you reacted, how it changed your perceptions of the world. He was no saint it turns out, a horndog, yet while he was President of the US, he and his wife brought class and a bit of magic to the presidency. He was the first Catholic president, something as impossible to imagine then as the first black president would be in 2008. 

“The bastards shot the President!” That’s what I said to my mother when I stepped in the door at home that fated Friday. Of course, it turned out just one bastard was involved, but his act robbed us of a leader. Then, Jack Ruby shot him two days later, an act shown live on American television quite by accident. I was at church when it happened, but the act would be shown over and over on television coverage that didn’t return to sitcoms and sports till after the funeral Monday. I sat in front of the television watching it all, as did a nation. 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

29 May 1917 – 22 November 1963