02Nov22: No, I didn’t forget to post today!

Andy respects the walking stick, even though all I have to do to stop him in his tracks is touch him with it. It must be magic! LOL!

This sad face is Andy before I put eye drops in his eyes and smear the hyperthyroidism goop in his ear. Quelle tragédie!

This sad face is after Andy’s been medicated. This is the time I reassure him he’s been a very good kitty and the ordeal’s over for 12 more hours. He truly has been an exceptional kitty while I give him his twice-daily doses. He tries to avoid me but doesn’t have to be wrapped in a towel to restrain him.


People who follow the travails and glories of Andrew deserve to see he is doing well just now, even though he hate, hate, hates medicine time. I can’t imagine how good he can be. Yes, he turns his head when the eye drops are about to drop into his eyes, but it is easy to position his little pumpkin head so the drops hit their marks. Likewise, the hyperthyroidism goop is easily applied inside his ear. Andy truly is a good little kitty!