08Dec22: That’s my kitty!

Andy is a bit uncomfortable with me after I medicate him.

But he can’t avoid one thing…

…he’s my kitty!

Yes, he still wants to be around me and I look forward to giving him a head rub – purr! purr! – or “scritching” – purr! purr! purr!


Poor Andy! He really finds the eye drops in particular an unwelcome part of his twice-daily routine. He twists his head away, closes his eyes tight, and tries to shake the drops out of his eyes, but it is futile. I try to calm him down before and after medicating him, petting him, “scritching” his ears or rubbing his head, things that make him purr. I guess the main thing that brings about is reconciliation later when the threat of more eye drops is hours away. I’d feel very bad if Andy got fearful of me because of the hated eye drops.

16 thoughts on “08Dec22: That’s my kitty!

    • He actually is very forgiving. To help him get used to being handled I pick him up at random ties and just pet him till he wants down. He has become accepting of this.

  1. Hopefully in time Andy will get used to eye drops? I don’t think we’ve ever had any serious rifts with a kitty due to medicines, procedures. We had a diabetic and had to test her sweet little ears, and give insulin shots daily.

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