09Dec22: “Andeeeeey”


I call his name.

Andy barely acknowledges me. “No treats, no interaction, bud!”


Two inches/ 5cm of new snow so far today. It looks like it barely will melt, creating a skating rink for me, before more snow (“blowing snow”) is predicted for early next week. Winter isn’t here yet, though the snow gives a fair impression of it. Andy had to verify it snowed using the snow I carried in on my feet. No, it wasn’t cleared around my parking spot, though that could have been taken care of while I was at dialysis. That snow is the origin of a couple slip ‘n slides onto my buttocks. If it isn’t cleared by my car, I have to step out of my car onto this ice-skating rink. I can take some care, of course, but I only need to step in the spot with snow over ice to fall to the ground!






29 thoughts on “09Dec22: “Andeeeeey”

  1. Oh Doug ! Please be careful ! A fall on ice at any age can be bad but I’m guessing you are no Spring chicken (though younger than me I’m sure !) but with your other med issues – too much to worry about as is ! And we need to be around for our kitties !

  2. This is very concerning, Doug, is there someone nearby that can assist you to your car and back you your home when you return? I would help you if I could! 🙏🏻

    • It is a major concern. I’ve tried to get a parking pad on my side of the lane. That would spare me exposure to the hazards I currently deal with.

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