26Dec22: Andy contemplates a mouse…

“A mouse?”


“I think not!”

Andy was fascinated by my mouse.


Yes, Andy left the end table shortly after the photos were taken. He came back a few minutes later to contemplate the mouse again. I suspect he will do his doctorate on this phenomenal mouse. 


My friend Deborah sent this photo of her cat Tashi dressed for Christmas! You may remember Deborah wrote about bringing Tashi Norbu home from Canada last November. If not, here is a link to the post telling about that trip:

15Nov22: Deborah brings Tashi home!



Finlandish cats sleep like cats everywhere. I had to share this photo of the handsome Finlandish tuxedo kitty Kosmo:

29 thoughts on “26Dec22: Andy contemplates a mouse…

    • Andy has his points of tolerance and those where he won’t have anything to do with me, too! I think Tashi is more tolerant more of the time.

    • I was pleased with it, too! It shows his personality off, his inherent beauty, even though the recent grooming kind of wipe that out.

    • I think Kosmo, from other posted photos, is very happy to be on his back! With that beautiful tummy, I think I understand why! Of course, tuxedo cats can’t help being beautiful!

    • I’m sure Andy would find that the better choice, too! LOL. Speaking of ‘nip, when I sniff it, I get the musky smell, with no hint of the mint to which family of botanicals it belongs. Today, I was eating a candy cane left over from the season and Andy was having a it trying to get some of it. I didn’t let him have any, of course, but his reaction reminded me of the mint connection with his favorite botanical!

    • Under all that Perian hair there is a tiny cat! the hair on his head was left untimed and that on his body trimmed o the roots almost. I agree, it makes him look oddly, um, Photoshopped!

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