09Jan23: Andy’s not surprised…

Andy watched Doug finally do his Christmas cards yesterday.

“So typical,” Andy thought.

“Just like ‘Kitty Food Time’ – always late!”


Now, now, now, Andrew! Maybe sometimes “Kitty Food Time” is on time but you just got at the food place ahead of time. You aren’t getting scrawny because you never get fed, my kitty boy! As for missing the entire Christmas season,  mea culpa! Yes, I barely got cards written and ready to mail yesterday. At my age, it is best to send them eventually lest friends assume I’m no longer above ground and check the obituaries page. LOL! Better they think I’m negligent than dead. Or too cheap to mail cards at US63 cents per.

NB: my cards this year were so heavy and bulky I ended up sticking US$1.26 worth of postage on them, “just in case” and two International rate stamps on those going abroad. I’m not cheap, I’m stupid for not checking at the post office to learn the exact amount of postage I needed. The two-ounce rate is cheaper, though the two-once plus bulky “hand process” rate might be higher. Ugh! I barely did cards this year because sometimes it’s that complicated.

Just in case I didn’t send you a card or you haven’t received one from me yet – I still have to mail the darn things! – here’s last year’s card and greetings:

I liked it better than this year’s card anyway.



21 thoughts on “09Jan23: Andy’s not surprised…

  1. I loved the card too… And how beautifully sitting Andy, I fall in love with him… Happy New Year dear Doug, Love for you both, nia

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