27Jan23: Andy’s Friday agenda…

“What’s on your agenda for today, Andrew?”

I guess that was a no brainer. 


Looking forward to getting together with my little group of friends who get together for lunch each month! Today is our day. First, we’ll get together downtown for lunch, then over to Donna’ for dessert. We got together earlier this month to make up for skipping the December lunch because it would have come at Christmas time, so January is a very social time for us! LOL!

Lots of snow days predicted for the coming week, though it doesn’t look like lots of snow accumulation.


The US Postal Service has delivered twice to me the same piece of mail to me that is clearly addressed to another address on the other side of town. It has the same house number as mine but there is nothing similar in “Toluca” and “Lane 2”, the streets where the addressee and I live. If it gets delivered to me a third time, I will hand deliver it the US Postmaster at the post office and ask if they’ve started hiring illiterates. Sadly, it is a sympathy card. I recognize the name of the family and they recently lost their husband, father. I am baffled that my address was selected out of dozens with have the same house number between my apartment and the home where this card is supposed to go.

28 thoughts on “27Jan23: Andy’s Friday agenda…

    • It was a great time! It is the highlight of our months and a tradition of my class that other classes haven’t picked up. One does have a similar lunch just for women in the class.

  1. This is your tax dollars at work, Doug! I think it’s long past due that the private sector took over the mail system. Andy looks so regal on the recliner!

    • The private sector would drop all unprofitable areas and services. Even now, UPS, among others, hand the high cost part to the USPS, and the USPS services in places like Alaska probably would be the first to cost more than an arm and a leg if turned over to the private sector. You do know the postal service is the one government service written into the US Constitution, because the framers of the US government realized the importance of access to the ability to communicate among citizens through a free press, letters was the salvation of the state.

    • That I will! They are a great group of friends, people who many times weren’t particularly lose friends as kids but who’ve made up for that as adults.

  2. Mr Andy is doing what every sentient being is supposed to do on Saturday – resting. He did work hard all week, didn’t he?
    As to sorting mail, it is now done by computers which are operated mainly by persons who sport 9-inch nails. Hitting several buttons at the same time is a side effect.

    • Believe me, I will! It would be very, very easy for me to turn on the television and remove myself from humanity. Anything that takes me out into the public is a good thing, now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifted up a bit. Of course, I’ve had my vaccinations and booster s for COVID, etc.

    • I always do, especially since the COVID-19 restrictions are less stringent now. We lost a few to the no-vac nonsense, but we who survived tend to be the ones who got the vaccines and various boosters. The short of it, we cherish each other a bit more than before!

    • Ouch! Get well soon! The pups must really miss having their “hooman” catering to all their whims, and I know they are high energy pups!

  3. Enjoy your luncheon with your friends! I’m beginning to appreciate getting together with friends in person again, in spite of my lingering fear of Covid. There’s no substitute for talking and breaking bread with people who know and love you.

    The misdelivered mail is too sad. I still get cards and letters addressed to the previous tenant of my apartment, who is now living in a nursing home. You can tell by the old school handwriting on the envelopes that the senders are also older and possibly in poor health (if the shaky lines are any clue). The post office knows the addressee no longer lives here but the postal carrier is either in denial or refuses to read the name, which has no resemblance to mine.

    • You get it! We lost a few of our classmates to this no-vac BS, so appreciate each other more, I know, for being survivors of the pandemic.

      This misdirected mail is understandable when someone writes and address incorrectly, but the one that keeps stowing up in my mailbox has a clearly written, correct address and a label return address. If they can’t get it delivered at the correct address, why return it to me when they have the return address to go by? It baffles me!

        • That’s what I did. Today, it will be the second time for the same item! The big difference: I wrote the correct addresses and additional messages to the PO in Sharpie, with lots of exclamation points and unscoring of critical information. It’s ridiculous!

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