20Mar23: minding his business…

Minding his business…

…when… …the hand intrudes – again!

Andy just can’t get away from it!


Andy’s problem is he’s too cute for his own good. I can’t resist petting and “scritching” him. He has kitty defenses, though, and attacks the hand with tooth and claw. In a pinch, he adds his hind feet into the battle. That generally ends any nonsense about “…but yer the kitty and I ‘wuv’ you!”

12 thoughts on “20Mar23: minding his business…

    • Yeppers! From puppy – “Irresistible and I want two!!” – till adulthood -“I should have taken the whole litter when I had a chance…maybe I can locate them all and steal them at night….! – Weimaraners are cute as, um kittens!

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