24Mar23: Andy is shy…

Andy doesn’t want an audience…

…for his bath! Good grief, Andrew! I watch your kitty baths all the time!

17 thoughts on “24Mar23: Andy is shy…

  1. I apologize for a long absence, Doug. I have missed my daily treat – adorable photos of Mr Andy.
    Everything is fine, just working 14 hours a day. This will go on until the end of April, so I apologize in adbance,

      • Cats have that fascination! 🙂

        I am still in the “like-o-meter” automated software dungeon. So far, getting passed person to person. The last response was that trying to catch up with John most likely triggered the problem. They will not tell me what the threshhold is on the “like-o-meter” for security reasons. I can understand that, but there should be an administrative way I can get reset. I did mention to them that someone on a paid business plan blog probably is not going to want to hear there is no way out of a similar predicament.

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