17Jun23: Andy’s important kitty decision…

Andy woke up.

Something caught his eye.

“Can I help you, my kitty?” I asked. “I don’t know, Doug. Can you?” came Andy’s reply.

“No one likes a smarty cat, Andrew! ‘May‘ I help you?” Oh dear! My grammar police tendencies have worn off on Andy.

Andy wants to choose a toy from this Ziploc bag of favorites.

After all that fuss, Andy made his decision.


I am kind of proud Andy has become a grammarian, especially since he is illiterate, well, a cat!

21 thoughts on “17Jun23: Andy’s important kitty decision…

  1. Good choice of toy, Andy! Cats have evidently learned more about human language since Mark Twain’s time, when he said they used “sickening grammar”.

  2. Delightful post. That’s a nice red ribbon. Can cats see colors? I don’t know why they wouldn’t, just something I heard, probably a myth.

  3. Andrew! Correcting another person’s grammar in mid-conversation, especially your dad’s, is rude! But I had snippy grammar-police children who used the “can/may” trap on me far too many times: so I finally switched to the less polite but more to the point, “What do you need?” I suppose I should have been proud of them for knowing the finer points of English grammar, but when you’re trying to cook dinner, write up your to-do list for the next day, and talk to your kids all at once, it is extremely annoying to have them say, “Are you talking about now, ’cause you’re using the present tense? Or do you mean what we’re doing tomorrow?” It was even more tiresome since I worked with English as a Second Language students, and I was very careful about correcting their grammar without seeming to look down on their hard work. (And honestly, if I had to learn Somali or Urdu or Hindi, I would be absolutely lost. The pronunciation of some of their words has no equivalent in American English.)

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