21 thoughts on “18Sep23: leftovers…

  1. His face is just sooo cute 🥰 do you want to just kiss him?

    We have a funeral home with a beautiful cat – they use as an emotional support animal and as a matter of fact made the news today for that reason – it gives people great comfort ❤️

    • I know where his face has been, so don’t kiss it, no matter how tempting!

      That’s a great idea for a funeral home. I’m sure most people would approve.

      • Hahaha how funny 😄

        Yes that’s why it made the news yesterday, because the cat is really helping people through grief and helps families be little calmer when dealing with death

        They have already done a whole magazine article on them and everything – is making waves for that community

        Is wonderful support ❤️

        • A friend of mine in New Hampshire has a Bombay kitty boy that has been trained to be a service kitty, now that I think about it. Tashi the service kitty is just over a year old now sand has just begun his work.

    • I wish! He generally refuses to eat the ones that he didn’t finish. I have to try to estimate how many he will eat to minimize waste.

  2. Out of interest, if Monsieur André drops any biscuits outside of his bowl, does he eat them? Catorze doesn’t. I can’t work out whether he can’t see them, or whether he considers them dirty having touched the gross floor. The fact that he wraps his chops around mice and rats seems to negate the second theory …

    • Isn’t that a fact? I never had cats till I retired in 2009, and, here in 2023, I’m still learning new things about them through Andy!

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