Post 2259: the restless sleeper…

Dougy moves around. First it’s the kitty lounger, then the magazine on the floor that he ripped up. Finally, he settles on the recliner. Yes, he is the restless sleeper!


20191112_142904 (1)

My Seattle sister sent a message from her kitty girl Molly. Yes, how true, Molly!


20 thoughts on “Post 2259: the restless sleeper…

  1. I know it takes our Lucio a while to get comfy. He had surgery last Tuesday and had 4 growths removed, 2 of them are mastectomies. He is wearing the cone, not liking it, but has been a trooper. The seclusion in the guest bedroom from the other cats because of the stitches is not to his liking either, but is necessary. We had to take him back in the other night to get a bigger cone put on his head, as he was able to reach some of the incisions. Still waiting for the lab results.

    • That not being able to reach the sticthes reminds me of the discipline I have to employ not to get my catheters wet. Showers are out since nothing I can work up keeps that area completely dry. I did, however, figure out a way to angle the shower head and to maneuver into the shower bay so that the lower three-quarters of my body get a proper shower, with some of the rest of my body getting a less adequate one. Once the catheters are out, I think the rest of my body will take a trowel to scrape off the layers of dirt and dead skin a washcloth fails to deal with now. I feel for Lucio! I know how these medical limitations can frustrate and irritate!

      • Lab results showed benign growths, although they were deemed “unusual” types in cats. Two were fatty tumors, the other two were occluded milk ducts. He is a 14 1/2 year old male at that, too!

        • Gad! It amazes me that there is life on earth there are so many things that can happen! Glad to know things were safe issues, though.

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