21Nov23: waiting for the delivery…

Andy waits for the delivery.

So does Doug.

Andy has to check up on his delivery

“This must be what Doug’s waiting by the door for….” Andy thinks.

“My delivery’s here!”

Scamper the Squirrel!

What could Scamper possibly bring to Andy?

Umm…a peanut?! I guess the “delivery” was a chance to see a squirrel!

In the meantime, Gail arrives with Doug’s oxygen. 


WordPress messed up the first version of this post. I redid it hours later. Perhaps it is better than the original, which had alignment quirks and disappearing photos. Sorry for the delay for those of you who saw the messed up version and wondered if I had a heart attack or a seizure while doing the original! 


21 thoughts on “21Nov23: waiting for the delivery…

    • I thought Scamper’s appearance when i had my smartphone handy for once was a nice extra as well. I called to Andy to come and see Scamper, but he resisted and stayed on the walker. We also see cottontail rabbits at night, an occasional cat. IF think Andy fids them more interesting.

      • p.s. Andy didn’t see Scamper this time but it made a nicer story to suggest he did since he’d earlier “posed” looking out the window. Scamper may have been out there then, too. Andy looked for a long time.

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