Post 2045: Andy makes an appearance…

Andy stopped by the glider. His plan: head to the guest bedroom.

One problem. He has to get by Dougy and Dougy looks like he won’t tolerate it today.

Andy is a patient kitty, so he settles down for a wait.

Is this Andy’s chance? Dougy’s more interested in a nap than defending his ottoman.

Andy decides he’d rather get some scritches, so Dougy (the human) knows to reach back to scritch him. [No scritch photo. Taking a photo is nearly impossible when scritching! Andy enjoyed the scritches, though, then ran back to the north bathroom where Dougy and he share the room together. Silly cats!]


Post 2044: What’s up, Dougy?

Dougy stares at this spot on the wall. I see nothing.

“What’s up, Dougy?” The wall.

Dougy tires of the wall, finally!

“Want a good head scritch?” Silly question!

Post 2043: to kill that mockingbird…!

Dougy knows how to hunt birds and the mockingbird will die today!

Silly bird! Dougy has you in his sight!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Good grief, Dougy!

[If you wonder how much fun cleaning after a couple of Persian kitties can be, that carpet was clean less than 24 hours earlier, yet the kitty boys have already begun covering it with kitty hair.]

Post 2042: slow day…

Dougy’s had enough toy play for now…

…so he hops up on his ottoman. The expectation is I’ll entertain him.

Andy has the right idea! Bird watch out the back window.

Dougy’s tail asks the immortal question, “Aren’t you going to amuse me?!”

In the meantime, Andy’s having a fine time at the window.


Finally, happy kitty time. I scritch Dougy.

Post 2041: upset kitty…

Dougy doesn’t like it when I’m on the laptop…

…so he tries to shame me into turning it off.

Post 2040: the souvenir…

It didn’t take Dougy long to get back to his ottoman after his outside adventure.

I’ve told you he is a snoopy kitty, and I’m sure he had lots of very satisfying sniffs the 11 or so hours he was outside. (Notice I used this photo on the missing cat poster – his horns are up! Ha!)

I suspect Dougy hid in bushes, too, to practice catching birds because there were lots of these little leaves and other organic litter in his fur when he was brought home. Oh well. We – Andy and I – are glad the little rascal is back home with us!

Post 2039: the scare…

Dougy pulled a fast one Saturday and slipped outside when I wasn’t paying attention. I discovered he was missing when I got home from dialysis. Fortunately, this town is really good about helping people locate missing pets, and Dougy was found between a snowdrift and an apartment building, his fur full of leaf litter. He had a great time. I thought I would never see my kitty again!

Andy felt lost without his brother, too. We both were so happy when the young man who found Dougy brought him into the apartment! (Dougy was happy to be inside again, but oblivious to the scare he caused.)

Post 2036: Dougy shows the mockingbird!

The mockingbird made its appearance and promptly taunted Dougy…

…but Dougy shows the mockingbird! He got up and left the room!

Post 2035: cat’s in the cradle…

When Andy and Dougy were young, I bought a pet stroller. Though they never liked riding inside it, they both thought the top of the stoller was one fine place to sleep! It’s been unavailable of late because I put it in my bedroom. I keep the door closed because it has too many great hiding places for Andy when it’s “Kitty Medicine Time”.

I needed a new pad of checks, which I keep in the bedroom, and Dougy quickly followed me in. He hopped up on the stroller and found a comfortable position, then conked out. Zzzzz! Glad I happened to have my smart phone on hand to catch the “action’!

In past, this stroller served as a play platform as well!