17Sep20: midnight snack, if he can catch it…

Andy is alert to…

…something buzzing behind the stacked carriers. (I hope he catches the miserable $&T@!)

16Sep20: a late supper and a nap….

I overslept tonight. Andy is very aware of that, and he put a little claw into his usual pat on my leg to let me know I am neglecting this important moment!

Incredulous! Andy can’t believe I’ve not running to the kitchen to fix yummy kitty food. (I’m watching him closely in case he needs to add more claw to his demands.)

I barely move and Andy is on his way to the kitchen! He didn’t leave any food tonight. 




15Sep20: Andy amuses himself…

Hint! Hint! Just in case I don’t figure it out that Andy wants to play, he puts on a sad little self-play episode. We played wand toys games after this, then we both had naps.

12Sep20: restless…

Andy is restless.

What to do?

Frasier reruns? Sad but true so I brought out the string wand toy and Andy and I had a proper cat entertainment! 

11Sep20: “This makes it real….”

The call last Saturday came during my post dialysis nap. Something-something-something-Dougy-can-pick-it-up. I wasn’t awake and the call came too late in the day for me to call back for verification. I already had the sympathy card and the sad tin of Dougy’s ashes. Why was I being called to pick up his ashes again? Was that the message?

Thanks to a weekend and a holiday, the earliest I could find out what I was picking up was after the next round of dialysis, late Tuesday morning.

It turned out to be the paw print piece above. When the receptionist handed it to me, I broke down. Regaining composure, I said, “This makes it real….” Sweet, wee Dougy is dead. 


In the photo above, Dougy watches Andy come over to the back door to watch the birds in the fir and apple trees in the backyard. The little red chair was my mother’s when she was a child. 

Douglas James Thomas, “Dougy” – 1 July 2011-15 July 2020

10Sep20: Andy wants to know!

Andy just found out WordPress made him switch to this new format that doesn’t work for him. He is unamused since he already switched back to Classic WordPress and can’t figure out how to do it again. 

What to do? What to do? 

Andy is on the lapboard, which is on Doug the human’s lap since Doug the human is having coffee and Ritz crackers with peanut butter for a midday snack. Hmm! Andy needs to investigate this!

Hmm. Kitty boys don’t like coffee.

Or do they? Andy sticks his whole head into the mug to get anything he can! (But he couldn’t….)

Doug the human is incredulous – or maybe not. Andy always wants to check out the coffee even though he knows Doug knows he knows, blah, blah, etc. that kitty boys don’t like coffee. Andy already rejected the peanut butter crackers so there is no reason for him to stay on the lapboard, eh?!

The late Louie the ginger kitty looks back from the coffee mug to give his opinion about Andy’s curious curiosity. If he weren’t a ghost kitty boy, he’d tell Andy, “Get a grip, Andrew! You never like coffee! (Louie the ginger cat probably would tell Doug the human something along the same line about WordPress changes.)


09Sep70: music soothes that savage beast…

Andy surprises me sometimes. Who would expect him to be interested in ballet, for example to Stravinsky’s “Firebird”?

Our friend Dolly posted this video on her blog, along with the story of the Firebird. I suspect Andy’s interest was the movement and the high  pitched “noises” in the music. Mozart supposedly hated flutes, but Andy love, love, loves them! I suppose music in the flute range sounds somewhat “birdy” to a kitty boy.


It’s been awhile since I recommended another blog, but Dolly’s blog is food for the body and soul! She never fails to entertain with interesting stories and delicious recipes. I heartily recommend you check her posts out!


08Sep20: posing…

There are times I anticipate something’s about to happen, something we all will find entertaining, maybe funny, even interesting. Well, sorry folks, this was one of those times Andy just posed. Drat! 

Well, this is a little better…very little!


07Sep20: the thundering applause…

“Meow! Meow! Meow! **

 ** (“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”) Andy appreciates all of you who follow his activities on this blog!