Post 1985: upset…!

Dougy’s upset with me. I ignored him, he thinks, but I was trying to turn off my laptop so I could “scritch” his eats without that weight on my lap.

“Dougy…” He hears me but is ignoring me. Oh! Oh! He’s upset!

He turns toward me, if but a little. Still upset!

“Dougy….” Wow! He’s really upset with me this time!

Dougy finally “let” me rub his head and “scritch” his ears. All’s forgiven and Dougy is in a good mood again!


Post 1984: slowly starting our day…

Dougy sneaks up on me. Next, he rubs on my legs and I stroke his back and tail while he weaves back and forth. Never fails! It’s our morning ritual.

Andy sneaks up from the side and roosts on the recliner back. He wants to know if I’m going to give him kitty medicine, so his trust level is low!

Once he’s decided he can trust me, it’s over to the recliner arm closer to me so I can rub his head and ears. Purr, purr, purr! (Then I give him his kitty medicine. LOL!)

Post 1983: Minding his business, then…!

Dougy is minding his own business when…

…an annoyance drops in his face!

He tries to ignore it.

And he does a good job of it, though now there is no chance of sleeping.

Woo hoo! Let’s clean up!

Post 1981: …a good report!

“Stop wiggling! Stop wiggling! Dang it! Look at me!”

“Yeah, now you close your eyes most of the way…!”

“Not the best, but I’ll take it!”

Today, Dougy and I went to the veterinarian’s. He got a “all healed” report on the one eye and a “there’s no evidence of an infection in this one either” report on the other. He was a good boy, of course, and showed he was back to normal in that his weight’s back up where it should be and he hopped off the examination table to explore the room, his normal response to a new place.

The main thing, though I don’t have a brilliant shot of it, is both eyes are healthy and my concerns have been addressed!

Post 1980: sitting pretty…

Wow, Andy! I wish I looked that good when I first get up in the morning!

Post 1978: …in which little happens.

Dang! Almost deadline time and neither kitty boy’s doing anything interesting! You know it’s desperate times when I photograph myself preparing to photograph Dougy sleeping.

Post 1977: Andy again!

Andy’s decided to be more present lately. Nice!

Purr! Purr! Purr! Andy enjoys the attention.

Dougy misses being at the center of attention…. Oh! Oh! This could be bad news!

Post 1976: Andy pops in…

Andy can’t believe Doug (the human) has ignored him for the most part the past few days.

“You’re never around, Mr. Fluffy Butt!” said Doug {the human). “I know part of it is you associate me with ‘Kitty Medicine Time’, though I try to make it as pleasant as possible. Right?”

“Hurt my feelings, Doug. I’m just a little kitty.”

Andy suggests a cat classic: “Kitty Boy Cleaning Up”. It works!