Post 551: Glad that’s over…!

Gad! What an ordeal it was getting Andy and Dougy to the veterinarian’s this morning! Dougy put up some resistance, but Andy put me through a 25 minute marathon, and we (he and I) were not amused! Damn cat!

Then Andy was growly at the veterinarian’s, and it took a technician and me to hold him down. He was growling and trying to get away, something he never does. Well, up till now. Bad boy! Between us, we held him down and calmed him down. The irony, of course, was this brouhaha was so we could get his blood pressure check taken.

Blood pressure. Mine surely is up. Andy’s, however, is where it should be. Good!

vet a

Dougy has a feline herpes virus that causes him some left eye issues from time to time. It isn’t too bad this time, but his doctor wants him to take Lysine to build up his immune system. Fortunately, both boys can have it — and benefit from it — so both boys will get a dose of this paste each day.

When they were kittens, Andy had to eat Lysine in his wet food. Unfortunately, it was in a tablet form and had to be mashed up and mixed in with his food. The boys never have been really good about eating all of their wet food, so he never got maximum benefit from it. I am hopeful this new paste form will be more to their liking.

vet dThey trimmed a little hair off the under side of the base of Andy’s tail to get his blood pressure. He was exceptionally pissed and clawful about that! When we got home he gave particular attention to that trimmed spot, even though they cleaned off the goo needed to make good contact with his tail to get the reading.

vet 6

Of course, they also got their rabies vaccinations, the primary reason for being there today. While we were at it, they also got another one that would have been given in February. After today’s hassles, it made sense to add on another reason to come in in October. Ugh! I can’t handle the stress!

Andy’s being very nice now. Watching out the back window from atop my mini-stereo, he gets a good view of the backyard birds that make use of a fir tree.

No idea where Dougy is. Sleeping it off somewhere, I suppose. As usual, he whined on the way down and the way back, though he was a reasonably good boy at the clinic, if you ignore the fact he tried to hold onto the carrier with his claws instead of come out of the carrier to be set on the examination table. Compared with Andy’s performance, though, Dougy was an angel.

vet cNot that bad for all the services we got for two cats, and I got a front row seat to the spectacle!


Post 345: Andy’s veterinarian appointment.

After a bad start (Andy didn’t want to be captured to be transported to the veterinarian’s), the appointment went well. Andy’s making good progress on blood pressure and his heart, though he needs to continue the medication till his next appointment in May, perhaps longer.

He’s acting like he feels better, and the examination supports that observation! Thank you all for your thoughts and consideration while we work through Andy’s medical issues!

Post 345: Andy’s check up day

The boys began the wake up harassment around 12 midnight, continuing up through a quarter till three. As usual, I gave in to Andy and Dougy’s hints. Dougy ran off to the dining room to wait for breakfast.

The day started out surprisingly well, though. Andy likes to rest on an atlas on a bookcase by my bed. There’s a fan on the bookcase next to the atlas, and Andy likes that for whatever kitty reason he has.

“This will be a great start to the day, if he doesn’t run off when I turn off the fan,” I thought. Fan turned off, Andy still on the atlas, I snatched him up! He wouldn’t turn medicine time into a hide away game today!

Andy doesn’t struggle (much) if I hold him on his back, cradled in the crook of my arm, so I carried him that way into the kitchen to get the medicine from the refrigerator. He started to wiggle, though, finally getting the hint of what was to happen next!

Andy is a good kitty.

Andy is a good kitty.

I returned to the dining room, where I leave a bath towel on the table to swaddle cats for medicine or eye drops, when needed. Andy is very supple, with a long, sleek body that he can turn and twist in ways that defy belief or attempts to wrap in a towel. (Dougy is more squat and thick of body, less supple, so easier to keep wrapped!)

Holding a struggling towel-wrapped cat with my left arm, I somehow managed to fill the medicine applicator using just my right hand. I couldn’t do it if I thought about it!

Poor Andy! I got the medicine into him in less time than it took to write about the process.

Now, I somehow have to capture him for transport to his 10 AM veterinarian’s appointment. Today is the day I find out how he’s responding to the medicine for his heart. I am hopeful. He’s been more interested in cat games and toys lately. Though he’s played with Dougy right along, the cat toys didn’t prompt much reaction.