Post 347: Andy was very playful this morning!

I pulled out a new peacock feather to play with Dougy. When I sat down on the glider, Andy hopped up on his favorite front room perch, the light stand. His interest piqued by what I had in my hand, he soon began playing the old game of “Feather” like he did as a kitten.

“I have to make a video of this,” I thought. It’s one thing to tell people Andy’s feeling a lot better. It’s another to show him playing, proof of it!

Andy sees the peacock feather...

Andy sees the peacock feather…

Andy definitely was wound this morning, as this video shows:

There you go. Andy was very playful this morning!

Post 345: Andy’s veterinarian appointment.

After a bad start (Andy didn’t want to be captured to be transported to the veterinarian’s), the appointment went well. Andy’s making good progress on blood pressure and his heart, though he needs to continue the medication till his next appointment in May, perhaps longer.

He’s acting like he feels better, and the examination supports that observation! Thank you all for your thoughts and consideration while we work through Andy’s medical issues!

Post 345: Andy’s check up day

The boys began the wake up harassment around 12 midnight, continuing up through a quarter till three. As usual, I gave in to Andy and Dougy’s hints. Dougy ran off to the dining room to wait for breakfast.

The day started out surprisingly well, though. Andy likes to rest on an atlas on a bookcase by my bed. There’s a fan on the bookcase next to the atlas, and Andy likes that for whatever kitty reason he has.

“This will be a great start to the day, if he doesn’t run off when I turn off the fan,” I thought. Fan turned off, Andy still on the atlas, I snatched him up! He wouldn’t turn medicine time into a hide away game today!

Andy doesn’t struggle (much) if I hold him on his back, cradled in the crook of my arm, so I carried him that way into the kitchen to get the medicine from the refrigerator. He started to wiggle, though, finally getting the hint of what was to happen next!

Andy is a good kitty.

Andy is a good kitty.

I returned to the dining room, where I leave a bath towel on the table to swaddle cats for medicine or eye drops, when needed. Andy is very supple, with a long, sleek body that he can turn and twist in ways that defy belief or attempts to wrap in a towel. (Dougy is more squat and thick of body, less supple, so easier to keep wrapped!)

Holding a struggling towel-wrapped cat with my left arm, I somehow managed to fill the medicine applicator using just my right hand. I couldn’t do it if I thought about it!

Poor Andy! I got the medicine into him in less time than it took to write about the process.

Now, I somehow have to capture him for transport to his 10 AM veterinarian’s appointment. Today is the day I find out how he’s responding to the medicine for his heart. I am hopeful. He’s been more interested in cat games and toys lately. Though he’s played with Dougy right along, the cat toys didn’t prompt much reaction.

Post 322: Andy takes on life…and beats tail!

Andy got the recommended (full) dose of Benazepril this morning before he and Dougy got breakfast.

I used the “kitty enchilada” (“papuss”!?) method of first swaddling him in a bath towel – the method I use when Dougy needs eye drops – then administering his tuna fish flavored medicine with the little syringe that comes with the medicine.

Andy protested a little, but actually was pretty good about taking the medicine. I hope this is a sign of things to come. More, I hope the taste is yummy enough he actually seeks me out for it, though that seems a bit of fanciful, wishful thinking!


andys new tub 2

Remember Andy’s new tub, the one I bought him so he and Dougy both had one? Theoretically, each would have his own exclusive tub, something that happens in Dreamlandia but not the real world of cat politics, even within a cat family where two brothers, Andy and Dougy, live in harmony in the same household.

That said, Dougy hopped into Andy’s tub this morning. He no sooner snuggled down, like Andy in his tub the first day he had it (above), than Andy was there giving him the ultimatum to get out. You know, “The Staredown”!

Amazingly, Dougy evacuated the premises, pronto. Andy didn’t want it. He just didn’t want to share it with Dougy. Dougy, little fart, ran over to the light stand that Andy likes to perch and sleep on, and threatened to take that over. He’s a bit bigger than Andy, who barely fits on the light stand. (Andy actually hangs over on the tail end, truth be out; Dougy, more so!)

Andy made another entrance. Dougy chose to face his brother with a big game of “You be the antelope first, then I’ll be”, a favorite.

For a sick little cat, Andy maintained a vigorous presence in the game, hopping, chasing, tussling, biting, stalking, throughout the full range of their domain. I was astounded and pleased because he’s been a bit lethargic of late.


In this old video (above), Andy’s seen playing with their second birthday present last summer. (July 1st is their birthday.) This morning, after he and Dougy played their antelope chase game, Andy went off to do Andy stuff, but Dougy still wanted to play. I brought out this toy, which, despite the advertiser’s claim cats always want to play with it, sometimes gets an “eh!” reaction from the boys.

Not today, though. Dougy exhausted himself on the toy, then ran off for a little snack. Andy showed up, then played with it, wildly chasing the “mouse tail”, clearly having lots of fun. I was and am encouraged!


Andy and Dougy hang out with me. Yeah, in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the…! Wherever I am, there’s a dark presence or two, curious about what’s up and how that might involve them. Any cat person knows the routine: You have no privacy! 🙂

When I watch the news, we are in Dougy’s territory as far as the floor, the ottoman, the icky Dougy-sized cardboard box, Dougy’s tub, and the cat lounger by the reserve carriers are concerned.

In Dougy’s territory, there are islands of Andy territory: the light stand, the recliner, and the top of the stacked reserve carriers. There is some dispute about this, perhaps preference, but I think the shelf of my computer desk technically is Andy’s territory, and Dougy gets the desk, though sometimes either cat might be out-of-place by this reckoning.

Last November, Andy got caught in Dougy's tub, which fell off the icky box when Andy escaped his brother's wrath...! Dougy quickly reclaimed his territory!

Last November, Andy got caught in Dougy’s tub, which fell off the icky box when Andy escaped his brother’s wrath…! Dougy quickly reclaimed his territory!

The boys negotiate and tussle their way through these territories as needed. Andy approaches his claim on the light stand by sneaking behind my glider, then leaping a good three feet onto the stand. If he wants to go elsewhere, he hops onto Dougy’s ottoman, then to the seat of the recliner. From there, he might hop on the reserve carriers or head north to the computer desk shelf to watch backyard birds. This last activity, of course, excites Dougy, too, so there mostly is a truce when both want to look out the window or Andy asserts his territorial rights.

That’s a lot of background to let you know that Andy’s been hopping around these territorial positions this morning, avoiding conflict with Dougy except when he wants to tussle. For a cat with a heart murmur, he’s been much his old self today. Yes, Andy takes on life…and beats tail!


This is a bit longer than usual, but there has been a lot of interest in how he’s doing. As of this moment, he is next to me on my beat up old computer chair washing his bum.

Andy washes his bum.

Andy washes his bum.

That's much nicer, Andy! There's your amazing tail, too!

That’s much nicer, Andy! There’s your amazing tail, too!

Post 321: Andy’s home!

Andy spent most of the day at the veterinarian’s. I went to pick him up at 4:00.

His veterinarian called me into an examination room to review the findings, showing me this two page document of test results that mostly were in the normal range, except for blood pressure (high) and platelets (low).

He explained the significance of these results, but I couldn’t focus…. The presentation looked like medieval plainchant notation, and the explanation largely passed over my head as I tried to grasp the significance of the aberrant test results.

Test results or Medieval plainchant?

Test results or Medieval plainchant?

There was no ultrasound test today, but there may need to be one down the road. I take Andy back March 17th for another blood pressure test and examination, perhaps to learn if the ultrasound’ll be needed to establish why his heart appears enlarged. At least that test is pleasant, though he’ll have to have a patch shaved in his fur to allow the test.

Andy was very ready to come home, and he was especially ready to eat like a starved kitten!

Andy was very ready to come home, and he was especially ready to eat like a starved kitten!

Best news of the day was that most of his test results were in the normal range. He is a young adult cat – two years and seven months old – so should be in relatively good shape. Still, I will need to give him a daily dose of Benazepril, a heart medication. I’ll have to look it up on the Internet to learn more about the drug.

Andy's medication can be flavored many different ways, and I decided to have it flavored like tuna fish since he likes that. Best of all, it is in liquid form.

Andy’s medication can be flavored many different ways, and I decided to have it flavored like tuna fish since he likes that. Best of all, it is in liquid form.

Even though I have full confidence in Andy’s veterinarian and faith that all things will work out, this has been a stressed out day for me. Yeah, but not so much as for Andy and Dougy, who moped around the house, looking for his brother all day.

(I suspect Dougy felt a little less happy to see Andy when Andy hogged the wet cat food when I put it out, blocking Dougy’s access to his portion!)

Best of all, though, Andy’s home! We missed the little guy.

Post 319: Cattitude ~ Andy has it!

Wednesday, I learned Andy has a heart murmur and will need follow-up tests next Monday to establish future care. Yesterday, I stewed about my poor invalid kitty. Today, that same cat took on his brother in a manner reminiscent of the kitten wars when they were little:

Andy may have a medical issue, but he still has his cattitude! I am more confident now he’ll be OK in the long run.


Here’s a bonus Dougy video: