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I found a little extra money in my budget this week, then discovered that the cat lounger that both Andy and Dougy love to spend time on is on sale for…the same amount of money I found in my budget!

The extra money could’ve been set aside for a rainy day, I guess, but I have one small annuity that each month pumps rainy day funds into a savings and loan account I rarely touch. That account, by all accounts, is a nice little chunk since I haven’t touched it in some time. “Out of sight, out of mind”, eh?! It will cover a fine storm some day. Maybe not a 500 year storm, though a 100 year rainy day is safely covered.

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

Cat-nephew Sox, a cool cat! You met him earlier, but he’s so handsome, I decided to post his photo again.

Since we’re hitting the clichés hard and fast today, I note that while I am reasonably fiscally sound, I am known to “spend money like a drunken sailor”. Sometimes!

This week was one of those “sometimes” occasions.

I thought and thought. What do I need? Nada, pretty much. One of the benefits of retirement is material needs diminish, spending goes down, and you don’t even work at it. This is the guy who occasionally “spends like a drunken sailor”, so when I say “trust me”, I suspect you needn’t hear “cross my heart and hope to die” as further verification of my veracity.

I gave you a bit of a hint, above: Sox, my Seattle sister’s very handsome tuxedo cat, I decided, needs a cat lounger like his cat-cousins out in Nebraska. I mean, Nebraska’s a cool place, her cats are cool. (“Cool cats”- catch that clichéd expression?!) But Seattle cats? Come on! On a coolness scale, even I concede Seattle is cooler than where I live.

Surely Seattle cats rank in the top 10 American cats for coolness. Yet, there is an emptiness in Sox’s world, a void that needs filled. A neighborhood Starbucks won’t suffice, man: Sox needs a cat lounger to compete with the coolest of all Seattle tuxedo cats, Henri, le chat noir et blanc! (I think I got the French reasonably close… for someone who never studied it.)

So, I ordered the cat lounger for my cat-nephew! That “mad money” is in amazon’s hands, and they notified me today it is on the way to Seattle. It will change your life, cat-nephew Sox. Guaranteed!

Yes, Sox! This could be you, come tomorrow!

Yes, Sox! This could be you, as early as tomorrow! Woohoo!

5 thoughts on “cat lounger

  1. Sox is indeed beautiful! And that video is something else … Thank You!!
    I know what you mean about savings. I am waiting for the next month so that I can pay for Rufus shots and haircut … Oh well, maybe it’s just as well that I can’t buy those timbits … LOL 🙂

    • Aw! Well, Rufus will get more haircut for the money when you can get the job done! Is Rufus an inside or outside cat?

      I hope you noticed that Henri le chat noir is star of many videos, each as droll, though the first ones are more so. They are worth the time to watch!

      • One day, when you take care of the necessary things, I sincerely recommend this cat lounger. My boys make a point of making each other get off the occupied one so they can occupy it next. The idea of a two lounger household was to make sure both cats got to have one to himself. The boys, of course, have their own cat rituals to work out: “mine!” “No, MINE!” LOL! Pat Rufus for me and tell him he’s a good boy!

      • Rufus is an indoor cat — I’d hate to get all that fur dirty!
        Yes, I do indeed like those videos (I also like your home videos too), I think they’re funny! 🙂

      • Thanks! I am glad I have a growing record of the lives of my boys with me. I didn’t start making videos of the late Louie until late in his life, so have almost no videos of him. I do have lots of photos, but it’s not the same!

        I’m glad to know Rufus is an inside cat, too! Andy wouldn’t be happy as an outside cat and Dougy (who sometimes slips past me and gets a small sample of the wild life) probably wouldn’t have the cat skills to make it. He’s very affectionate and probably would wander away with some school kids walking through the property. Too many dangers to safety and health outside…!

        Therre are enough weeds that attach to the fur here that even Louie, a short-haired cat, carried into the house with him. He was a rescue cat, so had a “criminal recoird” for vagracy by a cat! I found him at the city pound, and he chose me. He was a stunningly beautiful and aggressively friendly cat. I never understood how anyone could let him get away! (He was neutered by someone, so he’d been someone’s pet at some time.)

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