Post 1196: “What?! You want the recliner, too?!”

I think Andy and Dougy lose track of one thing: I get to use the recliner, too! Of course, I have to sit cockeyed on the darn thing to make room for a kitty visit. What I do for my cats!


Andy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-useme-andy-looking-away


“Still there?”103116-no-use-me-andy-head-on

Then Dougy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-dougy-looking-away

He’s thinking about something.103116-no-use-me-dougy-looking-away

“Hey! What about wand toy time? I want to play. NOW!”103116-use-me-dougy-face-on

So, of course, we played wand toy. Andy sort of joined in, but the game play mostly involved Dougy and me. Monday morning. You ready for it?


20 thoughts on “Post 1196: “What?! You want the recliner, too?!”

  1. I work nights, so I sleep during the day. My husband sleeps at night. The cats love the arrangement. They start out sharing the bed nicely, but during the “night” they keep moving closer to the bed warmer. So by the time I get up, I’m usually diagonal on the bed.


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