fleas, ticks, and heartworm day, part 2

Andy’s a Greenies cat treat kitty. His expectation is I’ll bring out the treats around 8:00 am or so, which, per expectation, I did.

There was little Andy, head bowed over his kitty treats…

So I grabbed him by the nape of the neck, pushed his head down to the floor, and squirted the flea, tick, and heartworm treatment between his shoulder blades! It happened so fast, even I couldn’t believe the worst part of the month, giving Andy his treatment, is over for this month! DONE! WOOHOO!

Andy gave me a wounded look, and ran off. Usually, Andy’s the blinky-eye cat of the two. We give each other blinky-eyes, and he relaxes in the knowledge he is loved and safe.

But not today! Every time he sees me the rest of the day, I am sure he’ll be wary, even at supper time. Even when I refill the crunchies bowls for leisurely snacks. Even when I offer to rub between his eyes, the old nose rub he loves!

A short time later, Dougy walked by me, unaware of what Andy’d endured. He’s next. I just have to find him relaxed and ignorant of my plan for him. He’s on the cat lounger by the back door now. This might be my chance!

Oops! He must have read my thoughts. He just ran into the kitchen.

Dougy? Where are you. I have something for you!

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