tired kitties

The boys wore themselves out doing “cat stuff”, then disappeared to their favorite sleeping perches. Soon, the world slowed to a stop.

12 thoughts on “tired kitties

    • It does look that way, doesn’t it?! Light makes a big difference in how color registers on film, and apparently, too, on digital media. They had early afternoon reflected light on their fur. In Dougy’s case, he was on a dark blue background, so the blue probably is reflected off that.

    • On behalf of Andy and Dougy, thanks! They also are very sweet, mild-dispositioned cats. Their groomer always tells me they are her favorites, presumably because of that “good kitty” quality!

  1. That’s OK! I call them “pretty” to their little squashed-in Persian faces, and they handle it just fine. Ha! “Pretty boy!” is one of the things I tell each one every day.

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