tired kitties

The boys wore themselves out doing “cat stuff”, then disappeared to their favorite sleeping perches. Soon, the world slowed to a stop.


12 thoughts on “tired kitties

    • It does look that way, doesn’t it?! Light makes a big difference in how color registers on film, and apparently, too, on digital media. They had early afternoon reflected light on their fur. In Dougy’s case, he was on a dark blue background, so the blue probably is reflected off that.

    • On behalf of Andy and Dougy, thanks! They also are very sweet, mild-dispositioned cats. Their groomer always tells me they are her favorites, presumably because of that “good kitty” quality!

    • Wild pretty much covers it! After breakfast and just before bed time, the two chase each other up and down the length of the house. It’s best not to be in the speed lane when this happens!

      • After the run, they cool their hills. Andy usually goes to where you see him in this video or to one of the cat loungers (the one by the back door, which sometimes shows up in videos), and Dougy usually climbs on an ottoman or a lamp stand that he’s taken a liking to since the light sometimes attracts flies. (That’s my theory!)

      • Andy likes to hunt flies, spiders, and millers, too. I am especially pleased they take on this business so I don’t feel guilty of squishing them. Ha! (Occasionally, they get to take on a cricket. That is especially appreciated since crickets are so noisy.)

  1. That’s OK! I call them “pretty” to their little squashed-in Persian faces, and they handle it just fine. Ha! “Pretty boy!” is one of the things I tell each one every day.

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