my little master

I spent much longer writing a letter to my Amsterdam friends than I thought it would take this morning/afternoon. All that time, Andy pestered me.

“Whaaat,” I whined, “…what do you want, kitty?”

Nothing I did or did for him settled him down. Constant interruptions.

Andy was a pest today.

Andy was a pest today.

About halfway through the letter, I took this photo of Andy. Not a brilliant piece of art, mind you. I took it with my webcam. Hit the button to take the photo and three seconds later, it makes the picture. A lot can happen in three seconds when you are taking snapshots of a cat! This was a best of several efforts. That’s how bad the rest were! Ha!

…in case you think I was lying about the other photo being the “best”, here are the five I took before I got the “good” one.


tkmorin – This is the best one of the other five for eyes, but there was just too little detail on Andy’s face to make something decent of it. You barely can see his partly closed eyes.

Part of the problem, too, is in all the others his head's turned or his eyes are closed.

Part of the problem, too, is in all the others his head’s turned or his eyes are closed.

9 thoughts on “my little master

  1. Here’s a tip someone showed me when I was taking some pics of their dog that wasn’t the slightest bit interested in posing for pictures that might work for a time or two at least and that is to let them know you are holding a treat in your hand before you take the photo.

    • That’s fine – and always works well- for when one plans to shoot a photo, but I usually “catch as catch can”. Another way to improve the odds is to hold a favorite toy in front of the subject.

    • I suspect a person’d be wise to invest in some sort of portable fill light if great black pet photos were the goal. The boys work best in even light, too, as long as it is not too dark. I am glad I don’t film them because I couldn’t afford to have all those bad videos and photos developed just so I could toss them! That’s why I am a big digital fan. Bad videos or photos cost little more than the time to take, then edit them out of your file!

    • Low light’s a problem here. The boys do their thing wherever, but the light may or may not be in the same place. The fact their faces are black, too (thanks to their Birman daddy), means that’s a tough shot under any but ideal lighting.

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