time change

I managed to outlast the cat brothers’ pestering to get me up till 4:30 AM today, a vast improvement over their usual results. On Time Change Sunday, it is especially nice that I actually got some extra sleep, something that rarely happens!

Fed and loved, the boys got right on the business of pestering each other. I think Dougy got a bit rough with Andy, though, because there was some loose hair on Andy’s back. Bad kitty, Dougy! Bad, bad, bad! He’s your brother!

Aw well, as soon as I talked with Dougy about his bad behavior, Andy started being mean to Dougy. Must be a front moving in. The chases continued for a good 90 minutes! No hair clumps or squeals, though. I think the boys recalibrated their play to reduce harm to each other.

Not too soon, either! All that running, and the boys were ready for a long nap. I don’t know where Dougy’s hanging out, but Andy’s asleep on the lid of the washer. Too pooped to climb into the drier, I guess.

Yeah, they are little angels when they sleep, little angels! At least Andy is. I better check up on what Dougy’s doing.

Dougy stopped by later to sleep by my hand.... Here, I massage his shoulder.

Dougy stopped by later to sleep by my hand…. Here, I massage his shoulder.

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